Notes On Living An Inspired Destiny

by Ryan Healy on March 22, 2011

I took a family trip up to Kripalu, a yoga center in the Berkshires, this past weekend.  Rebecca accurately described the trip as The Griswolds meet Eat Pray Love.  Now that I think of it, this may be a pretty accurate description of my entire childhood.

Anyway, the trip was meant to be some quality family time, some yoga, and a whole lot of personal development.  We ended up in about 9 hours of workshops about “Living an Inspired Destiny,” with a guy named Dr. John Demartini.  When you first meet this guy, you’ll probably think he’s nuts.  Which he is.  But he is also ridiculously intelligent.  Over the 2 days I took in what resonated with me, and I ignored what didn’t.

The basic premise is that for every positive there is a negative, for every good there is a bad, the universe is constantly balancing itself out, and if you can truly accept that, and live according to your highest values, you’re living an Inspired Destiny.

Here’s what resonated with me:

On Values

For each of the 12 questions below, write down the top three things that come to mind:

  1. How do you fill your space?
  2. How do you spend your time?
  3. How do you spend your energy?
  4. How do you spend your money?
  5. Where are you most organized?
  6. Where are you most disciplined?
  7. What do you think about that manifesting now?
  8. What do you visualizing that is manifesting now?
  9. What do you talk to yourself about that is manifesting now?
  10. What do you speak about with others?
  11. What inspires you?
  12. What are you goals?

When you’re done, go through each of your answers and label them A, B, C, D etc. If you have 12 A’s, 12 B’s and 12 C’s, you’re living a perfectly congruent life and are living up to your highest values.  The more letters you have, the less congruent your life is.  The trick is to be completely honest with your answers, it’s not what you want them to be, it’s what they actually are.  If kids are your top value, then you need to be a stay at home parent, if success is your top value then you should be a workaholic.  You get the point.

On Wealth Building

The 6 things that raise wealth building according to the 20+ Billionaires he has spoken with extensively:

  1. Building a business that serves an ever greater number of people
  2. Refining and remodeling services into more efficient procedures to increase profit
  3. Saving an ever progressive portion of profits
  4. Investing in ever progressive risk and leverage
  5. Accumulating and amassing a vast fortune
  6. Initiating a financial cause and legacy

Sounds like the key traits for entrepreneurs to build a successful company if you ask me.  Must be why I liked this part so much.

On Hiring

I asked a question about hiring people who share your values.  Here are his tips:

  1. Write a job description
  2. Ask the applicants to answer the 12 questions above on values
  3. Match each portion of the job description to the applicant’s top values.  If you have more matches than not, move on to #4.
  4. Match the top values of the candidate to company’s top values and vision
  5. If it’s a match, you have the right hire.  If not, find someone else.

I liked this part a lot as we are in the process of hiring a number of critical positions at Brazen.  This helped to remind me that 1) we should never, ever settle, and 2) as a company, we need to be crystal clear on our values, vision and company mission.  If we’re not clear, we can’t possibly make a successful hire.

On Fear

He claims there are 7 fears that hold people back

  1. The fear of not living according to some set of morals and ethics
  2. The fear of not being smart enough
  3. The fear of failure
  4. The fear of loss of money
  5. The fear of losing loved ones or the respect of loved ones
  6. The fear of rejection
  7. The fear of not being healthy, having a good body, being good looking etc.

If you understand that you should not be afraid of a lack of any of these, and you should also not be infatuated with a gain of any, then you are living an inspired destiny. (I think this is what he said anyway)

On Stress

Stress is an inability to adapt to a changing environment.

What I’m taking away

As with all of the personal development teachings that I study, I take everything in, figure out what makes sense to me, what I can apply to my current life, and I apply it.  The other stuff I ignore, at least for now.  All in all it was a great weekend, I learned some interesting stuff, tried Yoga for the first time and was able to spend time with the fam.  Check out some of Demartini’s stuff for yourself to see if you think he’s a quack, or if he’s actually on to something.


Harriet May March 22, 2011 at 2:00 am

I struggle with the fears more than anything. It’s one of the things I try to work on the most.

I like the idea of hiring someone with similar values. Especially at a startup, where every person has such a large impact on the company as a whole.

Ryan Healy March 22, 2011 at 12:59 pm

Hi Harriet, I think everyone struggles with the fears at some point or another. Recognizing that its nothing more than a fear that everyone has is what’s important.

I also love the idea of hiring someone with similar values at a startup. Its good to have disagreement and different ideas, personalities etc. but everyone needs to be on board, and that means everyone needs to have the same or similar core values!

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