Shipping Out in 2011

by Ryan Healy on January 23, 2011

Seth Godin had a great post asking readers a simple question, “what did you ship in 2010?” This uniquely personal post about his accomplishments in 2010 was an interesting look into how Godin approaches his life and his career.

If you asked me if I was a “planner” or a “do-er,” like many things, I would tell you that I lie somewhere in the middle.  I’m a huge proponent of getting things out there and taking action rather than planning, plotting and thinking.  But I know there is also tremendous value in not shipping something until it’s been sufficiently thought out, talked out and written down.  So this whole concept of what you “shipped” is really interesting to me.

I know plenty of people who have shipped tons of projects, and I know others who have talked a lot, but actually shipped nothing.  By taking a step back to write down everything you shipped over the past year, it will become clear as day that you are a planner, a doer or somewhere in between.

The do-ers will have a list of many failures and a couple successes, planners will have a hard time coming up with a list at all, and people who live in that gray area will have a Godin-like list of many successes and very few failures.

Outside of moving in with Rebecca (best decision I ever made), moving to Washington DC (top 5 decision), and what we shipped at Brazen, I’m having a hard time coming up with a solid list.

It looks like 2010 had too much planning and not enough doing.  2011 will be in the middle, and this blog is where I’ll start.

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